Is two way backlinking a legitimate strategy

Added 3/5/2012

A couple of years ago it had become well-known in search engine marketing circles that building links was essentially the most significant factor for you to get good search rankings in Google.

And among the most powerful approaches that individuals utilized was the use of reciprocal links.

This process to linking generally worked on a link swap arrangement - you link to my site and I'll link to you.

And for a little while this approach worked well...until Google chose to allocate a lesser value on a link when that business site linked directly back.

Hence the power of one-way back links emerged and reciprocal linking died.

Or did it?

Is reciprocal backlinking as bad as some individuals claim.

Well the very first thing I am going to say is that creating reciprocal links isn't bad. Just because a site you are linked to, links back to your site does not imply you'll get penalized by the Google listings.

There is no punishment for reciprocal links.

However it's true that a reciprocal backlink typically receives a lesser valuation as compared to if this same link just pointed in one way.

But this doesn't mean that you must ignore reciprocal backlinks methods completely.

The simple truth is there's 2 good reasons to develop links.

The most important is for search engine marketing and indeed, it is true that reciprocal links don't have the seo value which they used to.

But there is one other reason businesses establish links and that is for traffic, which often is an element that a lot of people overlook.

Reciprocal linking works best any time both websites can possibly send each other targeted traffic.

So by way of example, let's pretend you were a pro wedding photographer

What you should do is search for some other local firms that sell their business to people getting married.

There are various sorts of businesses advertising to individuals arranging a wedding ceremony, after which there will be more than one business for every one of those areas.

So you have dozens of local businesses that can potentially give you targeted prospects that you might have never seen otherwise all because you figured out a reciprocal link agreement.

Lets say you had a reciprocal link understanding with a wedding planner. Every time an individual visited the planner's site, they could potentially see your business mentioned and go to check out your website.

So if you are in the process of putting together your link-building approach don't eliminate reciprocal links altogether.

Take a think about different businesses that sell to a similar marketplace that you do and perhaps attempt to figure out some kind of arrangement with them.

Generally speaking you see targeted visitors from these endeavours much more rapidly than with any kind of web optimization strategy, and the visitors will be extremely targeted.

With luck ,, if you are a photography professional than you've learned a little something regarding methods to enhance your marketing and advertising. One last idea would be to spend money on some search engine marketing. It will help your website rank in Google for valuable keywords and phrases like maryland wedding photography & Flower Shops In Minneapolis

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